The Magic Swan (English Version)

Peter was the youngest child of the family. His two elderly brothers treated him shamefully. Daily they were bullying him. One day Peter was crying while looking for wood in the forest. Suddenly an older woman tapped him on his shoulder and asked him friendly what was the matter. He told her all his troubles. “Well” she said to Peter “Why shouldn’t you try your fortune somewhere else? Go this evening at sunset to the tree over there. Underneath it you will find a man lying asleep, and a beautiful large swan will be fastened to the tree. You must be careful not to waken the man.

Unfasten the swan and take it with you. You will find that everyone will fall in love with its beautiful plumage and you must allow anyone who likes to pull out a feather. But as soon as the swan feels as much as a finger on it, it will scream out, and then you must say, "Swan, hold fast." Then the hand of the person who has touched the bird will be held as in a vice, and nothing will set it free, unless you touch it with this little stick which I will give you. When you have captured a whole lot of people in this way, lead your train straight on with you. You will come to a big town where a Princess lives who has never laughed. If you can only make her laugh your fortune is made, but then I beg you, don't forget your old friend."

And that’s exactly how it happened. More and more people stuck to the swan after Peter had spoken his magic words. Soon they reached the city and at that moment a glittering carriage, in which a very beautiful but sad looking young lady was seated, came out to meet them. She stepped out of her carriage to look more closely at the wonderful sight and laughed. Together they all went to the palace.

When the King heard the news that his daughter had actually laughed, he was more than delighted. As a reward he gave Peter a large piece of land and promised him that he was allowed to marry his daughter. After that moment everything went well. The people were released, the swan flew away and the old woman, who had been the cause of all his good fortune, became head housekeeper to the couple in their magnificent castle. And Peter and his Princess..........lived happily after all.

This story is a free interpretation of an old fairytale. It is unknown who wrote it. Andrew Lang, a Scottish poet and writer, includes this story in 1892 in The Green Fairy Book, a collection of fairytales.

The photos are enlarged even more beautiful. Click on the first picture.

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  1. Good morning Joke:)
    It's a long time since I have read such an enchanting fairy story:)

    I have often admired swans for their elegance and grace, and your head and neck closeups show just how beautiful these lovely birds are. The second one is my favourite, but they are all great.
    Warmest Regards.

  2. That is a lovely story,made better with you great photo's. Have a great weekend.I like your english version too.


  3. Beautiful Swans images, I love these Joke.

  4. Hello Joke!
    Not only your pictures are beautiful and filled with magic, but this fairy tale is wonderful, charming and full of hope!
    The underlying meaning is quite obvious and interesting!
    Unfortunately there not many swans around where I live...
    Keep well, cheers!